Rhinestones & Revelations


Adrift on the American continent as a descendent of immigration and diasporas, with an inheritance of grief and survival from holocaust and epidemic, Sister Glo will narrate how whiteface and glitter brought her home, how being of service in the guise of a Nun gave rise to authenticity, and how her journeys through in-between places taught her where to find her center. 

Home is in the Heart


Through a revolving door of four metaphors vastly different from one another yet defining the very idea of home for himself, Paris regales the audience in his JAKE Talk about growing up in a black, non-denominational, Christian household in Minneapolis to suddenly arriving at a "sea of whiteness" in Seattle and feeling alone as a gay man in search of himself.  From finding temporary "home" in bath houses to embracing his own sexual identity as a foundation for creating home, Paris invites us to connect to a vulnerability from which self-worth and strength opens itself up at center stage powerfully claiming a place to call one's own.

LGBT Aging Issues


In his JAKE talk, David Haack shares the lessons he has learned from his early days as a naive, newly graduated nurse to the leadership and experience he has gained today in the healthcare industry. Throughout his journey, David invites us to consider simple and practical steps to build stronger community around our LGBT seniors while helping them thrive and NOT return to the closet.  Additionally, David touches upon the necessity of intergenerational programming in the LGBT aging population, the nuances of aging in the trans* community and simultaneously dispels the myth that most gay men have somehow flocked south to Palm Springs, CA after the age 60.

My Home in a Story of Stories


In this JAKE Talk, Zachary Pullin explores common expressions of power as translated through colonization, gentrification and most powerfully, his own experience of sexual violence. With an emphasis on the revolution of a story inside stories, the thoughtful and insightful talk compares the definition of home, types of home, and finding home within the stories of his culture and his family on a journey of sorrow and loss that ends with hope and triumph.  

Beyond A Velvet Rage: Constructing Contemporary Gay Relationships


It is harder and harder for gay single men to enter into and maintain a long term intimate relationship despite the fact that research suggests that many gay men want to be in and value long-term intimate relationships. So then why is it so hard?

For years psychology and more modern versions of spirituality have offered their respective 2 cents on the subject deeming us either developmentally deficient or not working hard enough on our affirmations and vision boards. Much of this simply veils us from some of the current cultural realities that make intimate relationship formation and maintenance challenging in these modern times.

We will look at the dark forces that are really in play and to determine what each of us, if anything, we can do in order to fight them.

There is a false dichotomy when we separate the individual from culture. The individual and culture are in a dialog which co-construct each other. In this talk, I will be looking at both: first cultural influences that gay men are indoctrinated into and impact the individual. Together we will arrive at some conclusions as to what could be done in order to transform our community and ourselves.

How Queer Strip Can Teach You to Love Yourself

Liz Cruz

The task of learning to love ourselves deeply can feel like such a solitary undertaking, but does it have to be? How we might access connection with a greater sense of self by participating in queer community spaces? In her talk, Liz Cruz explores a collaborative, community-powered pathway to self-love, and how we can all work to create more community spaces with this possibility in mind.

Jeff Henness

This Magical Journey We Call Leather

Living life and taking on those who seek to understand how we got here and where we might be going on this magical journey we call Leather.

Daddy Jeff can best be described as a survivor. Starting in 1981, he has survived producing way too many fundraisers and contests, serving on numerous boards and committees, being a neighborhood activist, a historian, managing a large nightclub, owning a leather shop, holding two leather titles and living with HIV. He has survived and thrived with the help of his partner of 21 years, Dan “Puppy” Daniels.

Daddy Jeff is the Founder of Seattle Men in Leather (1989), Seattle’s largest men’s club, a manager of The Cuff Complex (now retired after 20 years) and Owner of Doghouse Leathers. Currently, he is the President of the Washington State Mr/Ms Leather Organization and the SML Membership Coordinator. Jeff was Seattle Leather Daddy 1998 and Seattle Leather Grand Dad 2012. He is a member of Mama’s family, Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M), and is the Patriarch of the Bear Clan.

Peter Jabin

Queerituality: The Spiritual Gifts of Being Queer

JAKE Talk | Peter Jabin, M.DIV., LMHCA Drawing from his experience leading a queer men's spirituality group of the same name from 2009-2013 at Gay City Health Project, Peter addresses the distinct spiritual heritage, aptitudes and responsibilities that are ours as queer men. That we are here, now, is no accident.

Dr. Gary Perry, PHD


The movement for same-sex marriage has progressed in recent years. A recent report by Psychology Today, however, reminds us that most adults, in the United States, will spend most of their adult-age years living single (or unmarried). If we cannot be with the one we love, how do we learn to love the one(s) we are with? Dr. Gary Perry will lead a panel discussion about the “marriage myth” and look at the necessity of forging communities-of-care in the queer community. Because isolation, abandonment, depression, and singlehood are common experiences for queer-identified people, Dr. Perry’s panel will discuss how creating a family-of-choice has been essential to their well-being. Attendees will leave this talk with a more robust vision of queer intimacy. It is a vision of queer intimacy that goes beyond sex, dating, and gay marriage.

Christopher Welch


Christopher Welch was always one of the last kids selected for dodgeball and freeze tag, but he showed all those boys and girls by growing up big and strong. "In 2011 I tried out CrossFit, a slight 170lbs. I had never done a deadlift, didn't even know what a kettle bell was and had no idea what I was in for. Fast forward 2 years and 30 pounds - I jump out of bed in the morning and feel better than I did in my 20's. I loved CrossFit so much I decided to get my CFL1 in early 2013 and now enjoy helping people modify their lifestyle to feel as great as possible.” Christopher focuses on an overall approach to healthy living with regards to physical, mental and emotional health and well-being in addition to developing and maintaining a healthy body image.

David Neth

In the Beginning… Creating Seattle’s First Pride Week in 1974

What was it like to try and come out when there was no internet, no family support, no positive culture and no role models? David will discuss the transformative experience of being in that position and then suddenly being exposed to and joining a rapidly evolving activist community in the early Seattle LGBTQ rights movement.