We're so excited you're coming to JAKE Talks: HOME!

Your seat has been reserved for the event. Well done! No need to print-out tickets. We'll check you in during REGISTRATION.

Let us first start by saying Welcome and Congratulations! 
You’ve officially taken a step in learning and empowerment in our LGBTQ Community.

Few things are more powerful than a room full of people who have a desire to share thought-provoking ideas. And that's exactly why we’ve contributed a special day for the sharing of stories and ideas with regard to HOME as it exists in our own individual interpretations.

As an attendee, all we ask is that you show up, be yourself, speak up with your ideas and encourage others to do the same. Everything else will take care of itself.

Now for the important next steps:

1. Pat yourself on the back. You are now part of a group of people committed to sharing the voices of our LGBTQ community, gaining new perspectives, fostering understanding and having fun while you do it.

2. Check out our website (www.jake-talks.com) and review the Featured Speakers & Featured Artists. Even if you’ve read this before, please take a few minutes to review once more. It’s how you can make the most of the day and be prepared to hear what is being shared on stage. 

3. Find someone to bring along with you. We encourage every attendee to bring one guest. Everything is more fun with a friend, plus, think of how much you could help a close friend, colleague, spouse, child or parent if you exposed them to this new possibility. This all important step will enhance the experience for everyone. Have fun with it!

And the most important…

4. Show UP!

When you attend a JAKE event, you contribute to those who are around you with your thoughts, ideas and simply being there to participate in the day. Plus, these events would be nothing without inspired, committed, passionate people like yourself. Our hosts have put in a great amount of effort to make this a game-changing experience. We ask that you respect that, show up on time (or a tad early) and come willing to be your amazing self – nothing more, nothing less!

We're  so glad you’re with us.

We can’t wait to find out what’s possible.

Welcome to JAKE where you will Joyfully Awaken to Knowledge and Empowerment.

~Team JAKE

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