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JAKE is culture. We invite you to Joyfully Awaken to Knowledge & Empowerment.

More than the place where we live, home can be thought of as the relationships which bring us comfort, centeredness and even purpose. All of us have not one home, but many - physical, emotional, spiritual ones which bind us to ourselves, our families, our communities and beyond. It is these ties that we wish to explore at JAKE Talks: HOME. Addressing what do we do; who we are; what becomes of us when we find home; when our home is under siege or are forced away from home; and when we must (re)create home.

This very special edition of JAKE Talks focuses a lens on how we as individuals of our own created path generate a sense of community + connection as well as how we might learn to allow others to participate alongside that journey - contributing to the richness of our ever-evolving queer experience.

Speakers will gather their talents, research, and life experiences in a TED-inspired format to inform, impact and inspire the queer community; the result of which are profound conversations shaping the very idea of HOME.  Drawing from the vast talent of our community, JAKE always includes in some form an aspect of art + music + design + film relevant to our culture.  

WHO: You and your friends

WHERE: Distillery Lofts / 1735 Westlake Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

WHEN: Saturday, November 14th, 3:00pm-7:00pm. 






Gregory Conn was born in Georgia but didn't find his real home until he moved to Washington ten years ago. He is a musical theatre actor, festival producer, director, and writer. In his 40 years as a professional entertainer, he has performed for presidents and popes, kings and queens, soldiers and sailors, convicts and Christians. 

Be it Carnegie Hall, Dollywood, the Vatican, or the palaces of Europe he is always "home", because he found it within himself. 

He is delighted to be a part of JAKE Talks this year and excited to join you on this magical journey. 


Photo Credit: Samuel Grahn Photography

Photo Credit: Samuel Grahn Photography

Kimber London is an emerging talent across multiple disciplines and industries. A Dean's List graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in Creative Writing, London is a musician by craft, Massage therapist by trade, and a model by popular demand. She embraces all aspects of artistic creation and expression through dedication, professionalism, and an insatiable thirst for the spectacular. With a passion for being the change she wishes to see in the world and a desire to perform and produce the best work possible, Kimber London is ready to take on anything that comes her way to transform it into a higher vibration of Love to affect the greatest good for the planet! She is honored to be emceeing at JAKE Talks HOME.





Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, David began his journey in long-term care 28 years ago in the dietary department of a skilled nursing community. After high school he worked as a nursing assistant through his sophomore year at the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, where he received his degree in business and, subsequently, acquired his Nursing License and worked as a nurse. David has worked with many of the leading providers in the skilled nursing community - from Medicare cost reporting and consumption management, to LTC technology services. David joined Living Care Lifestyles as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in April of 2012.

"What Are The LGBT Aging Issues of Today and How Do We Make A Difference?

In his JAKE talk, David Haack shares with his lighthearted yet warm and genuine sense of humor, the lessons he has learned from his early days as a naive, newly graduated nurse to the leadership and experience he has gained today in the healthcare industry. Throughout his journey, David invites us to consider simple and practical steps to build stronger community around our LGBT seniors while helping them thrive and NOT return to the closet.  Additionally, David touches upon the necessity of intergenerational programming in the LGBT aging population, the nuances of aging in the trans* community and simultaneously dispels the myth that most gay men have somehow flocked south to Palm Springs, CA after the age 60.


Sister Glo Euro N’Wei is a Seattle-based queer health advocate, femme faerie, poet and nun. She believes that the most radical and revolutionary act is learning to love our queer selves. She is drawn to sparkly objects and seeks to embody the transformative power of glitter and love in action. As a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Abbey of St. Joan, Sister Glo has been nunning her way through Seattle’s queer nonprofit scene for way more than a decade, raising thousands of dollars for charities, and spreading love, joy and smiles.

"Rhinestones & Revelations" 

Adrift on the American continent as a descendent of immigration and diasporas, with an inheritance of grief and survival from holocaust and epidemic, Sister Glo will narrate how whiteface and glitter brought her home, how being of service in the guise of a Nun gave rise to authenticity, and how her journeys through in-between places taught her where to find her center. 



Paris Mullen is the founder of “HOPE For US” whose mission as an organization is to build the hope and self-worth of those experiencing life’s challenges with a specific emphasis on survivors of boyhood sexual violence and those living with HIV. Additionally, he is a health educator for Seattle Public Schools facilitating workshops that address HIV stigma, prevention, therapy, cure and living as your best self while living with HIV.  

Paris has been a social justice and HIV advocate for many years. Vocationally, he began his work in the field of public health and HIV at the Fred Hutch in Seattle, WA where he managed several national projects that worked to increase the engagement and participation of marginalized gay, bisexual and transgender populations who were disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic into clinical trial research.  

As a former family therapist and director of a youth-based organization, he has worked on the front lines with youth and families coping with mental illness and substance use abuse.  He has a passion for helping people overcome life’s challenges while discovering their self-worth. 

Currently, Paris serves as program manager for Seattle’s Gay City Health Project, where he managed the "End AIDS Washington" campaign. Volunteerism is central to Paris' personal mission. He serves on several local and national boards and community groups. 

Paris graduated with a B.A. in Communication from Pacific Lutheran University.  A national public speaker available to address topics pertaining to: HIV, boyhood sexual violence and reclaiming self-worth; he can be reached at

"Home Is In The Heart"

Through a revolving door of four metaphors vastly different from one another yet defining the very idea of home for himself, Paris regales the audience in his JAKE Talk about growing up in a black, non-denominational, Christian household in Minneapolis to suddenly arriving at a "sea of whiteness" in Seattle and feeling alone as a gay man in search of himself.  From finding temporary "home" in bath houses to embracing his own sexual identity as a foundation for creating home, Paris invites us to connect to a vulnerability from which self-worth and strength opens itself up at center stage powerfully claiming a place to call one's own.



Zachary Pullin is a Chippewa Cree tribal member, a graduate of Western Washington University, and oversees communications for SEIU 775 Benefits Group. An experienced community activist committed to pursuing racial, economic, gender, and social justice through service, Zachary served in the U.S. Peace Corps and as a coordinator on the 2012 SOULFORCE Equality Ride.

He serves on the boards of Gender Justice League, Victory Campaign, and 43rd District Democrats, and is the President of the Capitol Hill Community Council. Zachary is a member of the NW Two Spirit Society, SPD’s Native American Advisory Council, WA Family Unity Act Workgroup, Capitol Hill Champion, GSBA’s Public Policy Task Force, Legislative Organizing Steering Committee and is an Institute for a Democratic Future Fellow. In 2014, he was honored to represent the LGBTQ and Native community as 2014 Seattle Pride Parade Grand Marshal. He lives in Capitol Hill with his fiancé Derek and their dog Maya.

"My Home In A Story of Stories"

In this JAKE Talk, Zachary Pullin explores common expressions of power as translated through colonization, gentrification and displacement, and physical and sexual violence. With an emphasis on the revolution of a story inside stories, the thoughtful and insightful talk compares the definition of home, types of home, and finding home within the stories of his culture and his family on a journey of sorrow and loss that ends with hope and triumph.  


  "Over the years life’s gravity pulled us apart, allowing me to create this space in which I exist fully as my true self, but over time this same force has pushed me back home. Just as the moon pulls an entire ocean, my own tide pulled me away to grow and now pushes me back to see the world in a new light." Thousands of miles from his childhood home in Lima Peru, Rafael Soldi has a built a new life for himself in Seattle. In this short film directed by David Albright, Rafael explores the divide he’s created between himself and his one-time home, as well as that between his physical home and his work. 


"Over the years lifes gravity pulled us apart, allowing me to create this space in which I exist fully as my true self, but over time this same force has pushed me back home. Just as the moon pulls an entire ocean, my own tide pulled me away to grow and now pushes me back to see the world in a new light."

Thousands of miles from his childhood home in Lima Peru, Rafael Soldi has a built a new life for himself in Seattle. In this short film directed by David Albright, Rafael explores the divide he’s created between himself and his one-time home, as well as that between his physical home and his work. 


David Albright is one of the founding members of JAKE Talks. He is a freelance video producer and visual storyteller based in Seattle. He produces for companies like the Seattle Storm,,, W Hotels, Simon & Schuster, The National Science Foundation & many more. He has also produced short films and interview pieces that have been featured in Inc magazine, The Stranger,, The Seattle Times and others. 



Rafael Soldi is a Peruvian­-born, Seattle-based photographer and curator. He holds a BFA in Photography & Curatorial Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has exhibited internationally at the Frye Art Museum, American University Museum, Griffin Museum of Photography, Greg Kucera Gallery, Connersmith, PCNW, and Vertice Galeria, among others. He is a 2012 Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Award Winner, 2014 Puffin Foundation grant recipient, and his work is in the permanent collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, and the King County Public Art Collection. He has been published in PDN, Dwell, Hello Mr, and Metropolis, among others. Rafael curated Here and Now: Queer Geographies in Contemporary Photography at the Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh. He is a founder or Studio 126 and the Strange Fire Collective.



whitney monge.jpg

Seattle Alternative Soul artist, Whitney Mongé, is the best street performer in the Northwest according to the Seattle Weekly+ in 2014. She began her music journey busking in the Pike Place Market in 2007, which has since led to several opportunities such as appearances on television networks CW11, PBS, ESPN, and various radio shows like NPR’s Speaker Forum.


A talented and versatile designer & artist working in a variety of mediums, Dan'l says, "I'm pretty shy," preferring to let other people talk about him (or his work) instead.  He has shown in NYC, Austin, San Francisco and at numerous venues here in Seattle, including True Love Art Gallery, Cairo, Pony, and Vibrations Festival at Volunteer Park. Dan'l will be exhibiting a new original piece at The JAKE Pop-Up Art Shop.


As a Seattle-based artist, Anouk's work has shown with great success in various area galleries and boutiques. His influences rang from music, comics, horror movies and other subcultures.  His goal is to express his dark sense of humor and irony initially perceived in an innocent image.

Photo Credit: Kseniya Sovenko

Photo Credit: Kseniya Sovenko


Juan Alonso-Rodriguez is a Cuban-born, self-taught visual artist who has been living in Seattle since 1982. His work has been exhibited throughout the US, Canada and Latin America and is included in the permanent collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, Museum of Northwest Art, Microsoft, Swedish & Harborview Hospitals, General Mills and has created public works for Century Link Field, Seattle/Tacoma International Airport, King County Housing Authority, Epiphany School, Sound Transit’s Light Rail system and Chief Sealth High School. His awards include a Seattle Mayor’s Arts Award, The Neddy Fellowship and PONCHO Artist of the Year.   

In 2013 Juan published a book of photographs from his trip back to Havana forty-five years after he left. He was able to return to the homes where he lived as a child. To view all images, read more about his journey and the book, please click HERE

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